How to use a French Coffee Press 101

How to use a French Coffee Press 101

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All About my experience with a French Press

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! Sometimes I like the convenience of having a coffee maker that makes coffee in just a few minutes. But then there are the times when life is a little slower and I enjoy using my French Press to make coffee or tea. Learning how to use a french press is not difficult at all. One benefit is that all you need is hot water and you are ready to make a variety of different drinks.

Classy Coffee
Classy Coffee

It gets me going in the morning, helps me get through work and warms me up when it is cold out. I never thought coffee could be classy. I’m not the Starbucks type. I either make my own with a standard 12 cup coffee maker or go through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts. So when our room mate showed up with this thing called a French Press I wasn’t so enthused about it. I already had a coffee maker so what was the point of this little pot thing?


The best coffee I ever had was near the Pantheon in Rome. It was just one Euro and nothing less than perfect. I’m not going to tell you making coffee in a French press results in the same thing but I definitely think it tasted better than with the normal coffee pot. Back in 2014 these broke girls did not have a Keurig, my coffee maker was free and it worked great. Now I have a Keurig and I do use it often but there are times I prefer to use the French Press.

If you are in need of a French Press see below for some options from Amazon. One option is the glass French Press and the other option is a stainless steel French Press.

Why use a French Press?

1. It’s easy

2. It doesn’t require electric

3. If you can boil water you can use it.

4. No special coffee required ( of course better coffee grounds or beans equals better coffee)

5. It taste better

6. It’s way classier


How to use a French Press

1. Boil water

2. Put 3-4 scoops of coffee grinds in press

3. Pour water over coffee

4. Let it sit for 4 mins to brew

5. Push plunger down slowly to separate coffee grounds from coffee

6. Pour your fresh brewed coffee



Coffee brewing
Coffee brewing


Plunger time
Plunger time


Push plunger down
Push plunger down


Pour and enjoy
Pour and enjoy

What can I make in my French Press?

Of course coffee. I have also used it to froth milk, to make larger amounts of loose leaf tea and to make Rasa Coffee.

If you are thinking of a looking into a coffee alternative, Rasa Coffee is one to check out. It is made from herbs and various plants. I like the coca flavored one.

Check out the description on Amazon to learn more.

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