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Modest Clothes Reviews

What is PopFit Clothing?-Yay or Nay?

What is PopFit Clothing? While scrolling on Instragram a few months ago, an add for PopFit clothing came up. The ad offered one free pair of leggings just pay shipping. I was intrigued. I had thought about trying out fabletics but hadn’t made the jump yet. As you can expect I went on to the […]

Health and Personal Care

Should I order Young Living?

Are you considering ordering from Young Living or getting a wholesale membership? A year ago I was wondering the same thing. Should I order from Young Living? Are the products any good? What will I even buy? Let me tell you how and why I came to love Young Living. Making the Switch I have […]


What to Eat When your Broke and on a Diet

The Broke Girl Diet! Back in 2014-2015 I coined the term “The Broke Girl Diet”. I was living pay check to pay check and had no savings. If you are in this situation or want to cut down on food cost and the amount you eat then continue reading for what to eat when your […]


What is Ultimate Bundles- Is it worth it?

What is Ultimate Bundles? About a year ago I started seeing ads for this thing called Ultimate Bundles. Being suspicious I ignored it at first thinking that it sounded too good to be true. At some point I decided to take the leap because the price was so good and the content looked interesting.  I […]

Classy Everyday Living

9 Loved Disposable Items to Replace Today

9 Disposable Things Americans love to use  The modern world has a lot of conveniences that make life easier. We all love them and use them everyday. We can’t imagine a world without these conveniences and would think it barbaric to stop using them. Not that long ago these ten disposable items were not even […]

Easy Classy Recipes

Poppin’ Keto Stuffed Jalapeno Chicken

Poppin’ Keto Stuffed Jalapeno Chicken Poppin’ keto stuffed jalapeno chicken came about because my husband is currently doing keto and we had chicken and jalapenos. He is currently also on a jalapeno popper kick. He brought home 24 jalapenos from the store recently so I had plenty to work with. I thought what could I […]

Easy Classy Recipes

Poppin’ Keto Jalapeno Poppers

How to Make the Best Keto Jalapeno Poppers Do you have a love of bacon and cream cheese with a kick? Is your garden over flowing with jalapenos and you don’t know what to do with them. The keto Jalapeno poppers recipe that my husband and I love is for you. What will you need? […]

Travel Adventures

Vacation Ideas for after Coronavirus is Over

The Day after Coronavirus Travel Bucket List  As an introvert I am actually loving the stay at home restrictions. I have worked on my blog, starting stretching every morning, slept in, binged all of Star Trek Picard and all of Star Trek Discovery and we started working on a patio in the backyard. But with […]

Classy Everyday Living

7 Zero Waste Household Swaps to Make Today

7 Zero Waste Household Swaps to Make Today Many people seem to be coming around to the idea of being more eco-friendly or zero waste. Here are 7 zero waste household swaps to get your started on this journey. Making zero waste swaps is not about doing every swap perfectly or right away but making […]

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