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What is Ultimate Bundles- Is it worth it?

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What is Ultimate Bundles?

About a year ago I started seeing ads for this thing called Ultimate Bundles. Being suspicious I ignored it at first thinking that it sounded too good to be true. At some point I decided to take the leap because the price was so good and the content looked interesting.

 I believe that the first bundle I bought was the self care bundle. A few months later I bought the Herb and Essential Oil bundle. 

So what is an Ulitmate Bundle? An Ulitmate bundle is a collection or library of resources at a huge discount. Each bundle is unqiue and is a compliation of various products, ebooks, printables and courses that would individually sell for way more. Some bundles are available for sale for only a few days at a huge discount and some bundles are available for a few months. 

What do I like about Ultimate Bundles?

I like that you get a bunch of resources all in one place. The ultimate bundles website is easy to use and everything is right there ready to be downloaded. You can download everything in a zip file and or just download what you want to save or look at later. 

Any courses will bring you to the website of the person who created the course. Normally there will be a code you use on each individual checkout page so that you get the course for free. 

The ulitmate bundles website will also let you know what date your access to the bundle ends. Don’t worry. Access only end online, as long as you have downloaded the files you want (I recommend downloading everything) you are good. 

My Tips for getting the most out of your bundle

  1. Pick a bundle that interests you
  2. Download everything as soon as you get the bundle so you don’t forget. I like to individually download each file so I can put them into corresponding folders on my computer but you can also download everything all at once if you want. 
  3. Sign or register for each of the courses in your bundle. Use the code provided on the checkout page of each course.
  4. Make sure to check your email for any courses you need to verify your email
  5. Start reading your materials
  6. Print out any printables you want
  7. Start working your way through any courses you signed up for
  8. Don’t feel like you have to read everything right away (that’s why we download for later)
  9. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the material in your bundle (Each bundle will be different and some will have more content then others)
  10. Enjoy your ultimate bundle

What Bundles are Available?

This is accurate as of April 24 2020

Stay at Home Survival Bundle

This bundle is available until further notice

The Stay at Home Survival Bundle is perfect for all those new stay at home families that need a little help surviving.

Price: $24.97

Value: 21 products worth $493.19

Contents: 4 eBooks, 11 Workbooks and Printables, 5 eCourses and a summit

Click this link to see what is inside this bundle or on the banner below to go to Ultimate Bundles-Info Sheet- Stay at Home Survival Bundle – Google Docs

Stay at Home Survival Bundle 2020

Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019

This bundle is available until June 4 2020

The herb and essential oils bundle is one of the bundles I purchased last year. It is full of information on herbs, how to use them, which ones to grow and how to grow them. There is a ton of information about essential oils including which ones to use for you and your family, how to use, diffuser recipes and DIY recipes for cleaning and skin and beauty.

Price: $49.97 + $10 cheat sheets

Value: 40 products worth $701.14

Contents: 29 eBooks, 4 Printables, and 7 eCourses

Click the link to see what is in the bundle- Info Sheet Herbs & Essential Oils Bundle – Google Docs

or Click the banner below to go to the Ultimate Bundles Website

Always know which natural remedy to reach for


Photography Super Bundle

This Bundle is available until October 2, 2020

Price: $49.97 + $10.00 cheat sheets

Value: 19 products worth $1,195.98

Contents: 12 eCourses, 6 eBooks, templates & presets

Click this link to see what is inside this bundle or on the banner below to go to Ultimate Bundles-Info Sheet-The Photography Super Bundle – Google Docs

Photography Super Bundle 2019

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Price: $67 + $10 for cheat sheets

Value: 73 products worth $2837.06

Contents: 12 eBooks, 31 eCourses, 29 workbooks & printables and 2 membership sites

Click this link to see what is inside this bundle or on the banner below to go to Ultimate Bundles- Info Sheet- The Ultimate Productivity Bundle – Google Docs

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Upcoming Bundles

Gardening and Sustainability Bundle 2020 May 18th 2020 May 22nd, 2020
Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Flash Sale 2019 June 10th 2020 June 11th, 2020
Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020 June 22nd 2020 June 26th, 2020
Mini Bundles (will launch for 5 days, then the bundle will be available at a higher price for 12 months)
Master Your Money Mini Bundle 2020 June 1st 2020 June 5th, 2020
Self Care Mini Bundle 2020 June 1st 2020 June 5th, 2020
Work at Home Mini Bundle 2020
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