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Should I order Young Living?

Are you considering ordering from Young Living or getting a wholesale membership? A year ago I was wondering the same thing. Should I order from Young Living? Are the products any good? What will I even buy? Let me tell you how and why I came to love Young Living. Making the Switch I have […]

Health and Personal Care

Thieves Essential Oil- Why you need it!

  Thieves Essential Oil- Why you need it! You may be wondering what Thieves essential oil is. It has a funny name and the name doesn’t exactly explain what it is. This article will fill you in on what exactly Thieves essential oil is. Where the name came from, how and why to use it. […]

Health and Personal Care

Essential Oil Basics- Five things to know

To get started with using essential oils requires some essential information. This article covers five essential oil basics to get you ready to start using essential oils. Essential Oil Basics #1- What are Essential Oils? Essential oils are extracted from leaves, flowers, seeds, roots and resins. These extracted essential oils support health and well being. […]

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