Should I order Young Living?

Are you considering ordering from Young Living or getting a wholesale membership?

A year ago I was wondering the same thing. Should I order from Young Living? Are the products any good? What will I even buy? Let me tell you how and why I came to love Young Living.

Making the Switch

I have been using Young Living products in my house and on myself for almost a year now. I started with using essential oils about a year before that. I have found some essential oil companies I love and believe that they offer great quality for not a very expensive price. So why do I keep going back to Young Living when it cost more?

Young Living claims it has the highest quality. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that because I haven’t found the quality from the other companies I like to be any less. The reason I order from Young Living monthly on the essential awards program is because there are products I get from them that I can’t get anywhere else that work for me.

I started with a basic starter kit to get a membership with Young Living and test some products out. I had previously been using Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy. I have also recently purchased from Revive. I like all of these companies for various reason but none of them have exactly the same products. They may be a close formulation of an essential oil blend but I have found that some blends I just like the scent better from a particular company. For example I wanted to try the Thieves blend for cleaning and use in my diffuser. I started with a blend that says it is comparable from both Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy. Those both work fine and have a strong Eucalyptus smell. I still wanted to try the original Thieves blend so I finally ordered it from Young Living. I have to say I like that blend better. I like more spicy clove scent that Thieves has verse the more Eucalyptus scent that the other brands blends have. That being said, I wanted to order a larger bottle of Thieves without spending a fortune so I decided to try the Revive brand of essential oils and their version of the Thieves blend that they call Immunity. I was pleasantly surprised that the scent profile was almost the same.

But it’s so expensive!

If I like the other companies that are less expensive why do I order from Young Living? I like their products. That’s the answer. I like the Thieves Spray, the Thieves waterless hand sanitizer, the Foaming Thieves hand soap, the Thieves dish soap ( I use a little in the dish washer with dishwasher tablets from Dropp- I haven’t tried the Thieves dishwasher tabs yet. I find that a little of the Thieves Dish Soap really makes a difference on how clean the dished come out). I also love the scent of Stress away blend, Peace and Calming blend and Citrus Fresh. I also use a product called Progessence Plus for my hormones and Endoflex essential oil blend for my thyroid and hormones. In addition I enjoy the drink called Ninxgia Red that is full of good stuff for your body. I also use the Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash. That is a lot of stuff I like from Young Living and I haven’t even tried everything from them.

All these products are the reason I continue to use and buy from Young Living. When I run out of a single essential oil like Lavender or Lemon, I will normally order from one of my other favorite companies unless I ordered enough that month to get some products free. I find that the single oils are less expensive elsewhere but most of the blends I like I continue to get from Young Living. Sometimes I wait until there is a promo for the month and sometimes I use my PV points I have earned from my monthly purchase with Essential Rewards to get them.

My Why

Why do I get soap and toothpaste and mouthwash from Young Living when I can get that stuff cheaper at the local store? I like them. I think they work. I want to use more natural products with less chemicals and toxins. I have never liked using antibacterial soaps, bleach or harsh dental products. So switching to a more natural product and one that has essential oils was easy for me. I find that the foaming soap from Young Living does not dry out my hands and I like that it has essential oils in them.

Something else that keeps me buying from Young Living are the products I mentioned I use for my hormones. I have been using Progessence Plus and Endoflex for almost 9 months as of writing these. I noticed right away that it improved my period. My days of bleeding reduced from 5 to 3 and half. This has continued from the first month I started using Progessence Plus and has not changed. I have loved having a shorter period and there is only one heavy day now. I also find that I experience way less, sometimes even no PMS symptoms since I started using Progessence Plus.

This is not just me saying I notice a difference. My husband has commented multiple times that he can see a difference in my emotions and that I have virtually no pms symptoms since starting with these products. The one month I rationed out the Progessence Plus I had and it was sold out at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, my husband noticed right away. He asked if I was still using my hormone oils and I said yes, but I was using less until it came back in stock. I ordered two bottles as soon as I could and it has been clear sailing ever since. We are both happy now. EndoFlex is an essential oil blend I use also for my hormones and thyroid. Sometimes I will also add Frankincense to this blend since Frankincense is also a good oil for hormones in addition to great for your skin.

What is Essential Rewards?

I feel like I could go on and on about the products and oils I love and use from Young Living. There are a bunch I have not tried yet also. When I signed up for a membership I started with the most basic one that was available mostly to try the Ningxia Red drink and get the wholesale member pricing. After one small order the next month I signed up for the Essential Rewards monthly program. You need to order $50 of products each month through Essential Rewards and then you get reward points on each order that you can then use to get more products through the regular shopping cart section of the website. Spending $50 a month seemed like a lot at the time but since I order Progessence plus almost every month I just add another 1-2 more products or oils and I have enough. I am currently earning 20% back on my essential rewards orders so then I can use those reward points to buy something else or save them and let the points grow to use on a bigger purchase in a few months.

Wait…I have to spend $50 a month?

No. You don’t have to sign up for essential rewards. But I have found that it is worth it for me since I am ordering products from them monthly anyway and in addition I acquire reward points that I use for other purchases.

How do I spend at least $50 a month on Essential Rewards? It’s surprisingly easy. Some months in the beginning I spend more and then qualified for the free promo products for those months. I figured it out and even though I spend $150, I had received products worth over $300 total, but the reward points I used to buy other stuff and just paid shipping.

May ER Order:

Progessence Plus $38.50 (worth it)

Citrus Fresh 15 ML ($15. 75)

Valor Deodorant ($12.75) new product, will be the first time trying it

April ER Order:

2 Bottles of Progessence Plus (stocked up since was running out and was sold out the month before)

March ER Order:

 Prenolone + – 1.94 oz $37.75
Thieves Household Cleaner – 14.4 fl oz $22.50
ER Loyalty Kit – 6 Months $0.00 ( free 6 month gift for being on ER)

February ER Order:

 Endoflex Vitality $12.75 
Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash – 8oz $11.25USD (split between two bottles for less intensity and last longer)
Lip Balm – Cinnamint $4.25USD
NingXia Red 2 oz Singles – 30ct $87.00USD
Cedarwood Essential Oil – 15ml *Promo* ( Free promo for ordering over $100, I use with Lavender and White Angelica for Sleep in a diffuser)

Ok… How do I get started?

Do you want to try the amazing Thieves products, get started using essential oils or drink Ninxgia Red for your health? I say just give it a try. Start with a premium started kit. You can start with essential rewards right away and start earning pints back on your starter kit order or add essential rewards later after you fall in love with the products.
Use these links below to get started and make sure to use my member/enroller ID number so I can set you up with some great Facebook Groups and send you a free gift from me. As of right now on May 14 Young Living is offering a free bottle of the new Luscious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap. This offer is only available until 5/31/2020, but why not add it to your cart anyway if it is not free anymore after that.
The Everyday Essential Oil kit is perfect to get started using essential oils
The Welcome Home Kit
Make sure to use the links provided so you get added to my team and I can set you up with a few Facebook groups and send you a gift from me.

Learn More about Essential Oils

Learn more about Thieves essential oil blend

5 Basics Essential Oil Things to Know

Thieves Essential Oil- Why you need it!


Thieves Essential Oil- Why you need it!

You may be wondering what Thieves essential oil is. It has a funny name and the name doesn’t exactly explain what it is. This article will fill you in on what exactly Thieves essential oil is. Where the name came from, how and why to use it.

The Name

The name Thieves is Young Living’s proprietary blend that is inspired by the legend of four French thieves from the 15th century. The legend says that they created a special aromatic combination that protected them from the black plaque. That when they were caught the authorities gave them a more merciful punishment for divulging the ingredients in the secret formula. 

Whether this true or a completely made up story to sell a product I have no idea. What I do know is that the scent of Thieves is a wonderful spicy aroma that I can’t get enough of.

Thieves essential oil is made up of Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lemon essential oil.

Why are these oils so good?

Clove essential oil: An antimicrobial, to help kill bacteria (

Cinnamon Bark: antibacterial, antifungal (

Research suggests that cinnamon oil:

  • Combats hard-to-treat bacterial organisms. A studyTrusted Source, which used bacterial cultures and lab tests, found that compounds in cinnamon oil had an antimicrobial effect against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a potentially life-threatening, drug-resistant bacteria that affects plants, people, and other animals.
  • Supports oral health. Cinnamon’s antibacterial and antifungal properties have been found to be effective against Streptococcus mutansTrusted Source and on Candida ssp biofilm, two agents which cause oral infections and cavities in teeth.
  • Disinfects. Cinnamon bark oil’s antibacterial properties make it a safe, effective, and non-chemical additive alternative that can be used to preserve products and increase their shelf life. One studyTrusted Source found that cinnamon oil could be effectively used as a preservative in cosmetics, toiletries, and hospital-setting disinfectants.”  (

Eucalyptus: Antimicrobial properties

Rosemary: antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic

Lemon: Antimicrobial Agent

“Lemon oil can be used to cleanse your home of harmful pathogens, like bacteria, fungi and other harmful pathogens. Using lemon as a natural cleaning product also keeps your home free of conventional products that are made with dangerous chemicals.” (


How to Use?

The Thieves line of products from Young Living is quite diverse. It includes more than just the Thieves essential oil.

The main way to use Thieves is the Thieves essential oil blend. It comes in a 5 ml vitality blend which just means that it is labeled for ingestion and a 15 ml bottle. They are actually exactly the same oil just different sizes and different labels.

It is recommend you do your own research and make your own decision on whether or not to ingest essential oils. Some oils are considered hot oils and they are all very concentrated. I personally choice to very rarely ingest essential oils since there is controversy regarding whether it is acceptable or not. 

Another great way to use Thieves in your house is to use the Thieves Household Cleaner. It is a concentrate that smells amazing and works great. This cleaner comes as a 14.4 ounce bottle. Just one cap full of cleaner makes a 16 ounce multi-purpose cleaner. That comes to about 60-65 of these 16 ounce multipurpose bottles. The concentrate sells at wholesale for $22.50 meaning that if you get 65 bottles out of it, each bottle cost you $0.35. No other bottle of cleaner, let alone a non-toxic one sells at this price.

There are a ton more products in the Thieves line.

These include toothpaste, mouthwash, mints, cough drops, hard lozenges, hand sanitizer, wipes, dishwasher detergent, foaming hand soap, dish soap.


How do I get this amazing stuff?

Sign up for a wholesale account by buying one of the premium starter kits. There are two options.

The Thieves Premium Starter kit as seen below. It comes with so much great stuff.


2 bottles of the household cleaner concentrate (I love this stuff)

Thieves toothpaste

Thieves mouthwash

2 Thieves foaming hand soap

3 bottles of waterless thieves hand sanitizer

1 Thieves mints

2 Thieves Spray 1 oz bottles,

Thieves essential oil blend

Stress Away essential oil blend ( Smells amazing)

1 rollerball attachment

2 ningxia red samples. 


So many great Thieves products, a wholesale account with 24% off retail and no commitment to buy monthly or to sell.

Use Sponsor/member # 19393421




The second option is to order the Everyday Oils Premium Starter kit.

Everyday Oils


12 Oils (Frankincense, Peppermint Vitality, Digize Vitality, Valor, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Lemon Vitality, Thieves Vitality, Panaway, Raven, Citrus Fresh, Stress Away)

1 Diffuser

2 roller ball attachments

1 Thieves Spray 1 oz bottle

2 samples of Ninxgia Red

Thieves waterless hand sanitizer


This premium starter kit gets you started with 12 great oils, a wholesale account with 24% off retail and no commitment to buy monthly or to sell. 

Sponsor/member # 19393421


There is a monthly Essential Rewards account ($50 min a month order) that many sign up for that earns you points back on each purchase and free products. ER is completely optional but has some great perks. Signing up for ER when you order a premium starter kit gets you 10% back on your account in pv points right away to use on other products.


Essential Oil Basics- Five things to know

To get started with using essential oils requires some essential information. This article covers five essential oil basics to get you ready to start using essential oils.

Essential Oil Basics #1- What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from leaves, flowers, seeds, roots and resins. These extracted essential oils support health and well being. The oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing.

An essential oil is a natural product extracted from a single plant species. Not all plants produce essential oils, and in the plants that do, the essential oil may be found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits.

They are therapeutic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. They promote homeostasis and work with the peripheral and ventral nervous system. Essential oils are non-greasy and require only a few drops to have tremendous effects on emotional well-being and physical health.

Essential oils are volatile oils. This means they need to be stored in dark glass bottles in a cool area and they evaporate quickly into the air.


The light chemical compounds within essential oils that evaporate quickly into the air. It should be noted that undiluted essential oils contain hundreds of complex compounds.

Essential Oil Basics #2- What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to increase cognitive function, bodily health and mood. Essential oils can be diffused or applied topically.

There is a debate on whether essential oils should be ingested. Please do your own research on ingesting essential oils before just doing it. Some essential oils are safer to ingest than others. If ingesting essential oils it would be wise to mix it with a carrier such as honey so as not to be drinking the oil straight since water and oil do not mix, water does not dilute essential oil.

75% of emotions are prompted by smells

Essential oils interact with the limbic system


Essential Oil Basics #3-What to look for in an essential oil Brand?

Pure 100% essential oil, nothing added or synthetic. Look for the botanical name

Definition- Botanical Name

Represents the genus and species of the plant. Essential oils are in Latin and list genus first and species second. The name identifies where each essential oil comes from and defines its properties.

Essential Oil Basics #4 -Facts 

 Essential oils are also used by plants themselves. Naturally occurring essential oils in plants help with infection control, humidity control, hormonal effects, wound healing, and attracting or repelling insects, birds, and animals.

 Essential oils do not feel oily; they are called “oils” because they contain the oil-soluble chemicals in the plant (usually 100 to 200 chemicals per essential oil). This complex chemistry gives essential oils their therapeutic properties and explains why different essential oils may have overlapping effects.

Essential Oil Basics #5- How to get started

Now that you have a better idea about what essential oils are and why to use them, you might be interested in getting started using essential oils. Essential oils are a great way to benefit your family’s health and begin to switch to a toxic free life.

Essential oils have many benefits from smelling good, being anti inflammatory and anti-fungal, helping with your emotions and to clean your house.

I love using Lavender and Cedar wood at night in the diffuser to help me fall asleep. I use Valor, Joy or Abundance essential oil blends in the morning to get my day off to the right start.  I use stress away when I have having trouble dealing with various things happening in life.I use Thieves cleaner, Thieves mouthwash and Thieves toothpaste to replace the toxic versions that I used for years.

There are so many ways and reasons to use essential oils and products that are made with essential oils. They not only smell great but they have properties that promote well-being and keep our homes clean.

Starter Kits

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Essential oils

The everyday oil premium started kit is the way to get started using essential oils and get introduced to Ningxia Red and Thieves. Click on the link below to learn more and order your premium starter kit.

The everyday oil kit includes 12 oils, a diffuser, 2 samples of Ningxia Red, a bottle of Thieves waterless hand sanitizer and a bottle of Thieves spay.

This is the best way to get some wonderful oils and a diffuser and start using essential oils. Make sure to use the link above when ordering so I know you ordered and are on our team and can send you a free gift from me.

Thieves Products

If you are looking to make the switch to better and less toxic house cleaning and lifestyle products for your family, check out the Thieves starter kit. Click on the link below to learn more and order your Thieves starter kit.

It comes with 2 bottles of Thieves household cleaner, Thieves mouthwash, Thieves toothpaste, 2 foaming hand soaps, 15 ml bottle of Thieves essential oil blend, Thieves mints, 3 Thieves waterless hand sanitizers, 2 1 oz bottles of Thieves spray, 2 samples packets of 2 oz of Ningxia Red and a 5ml bottle of stress away.

The household cleaner is a concentrate so it will last a very long time. Take just 1 cap full of the cleaner and add it to a 16 oz spray bottle and fill with water and you have a multipurpose household spray. This bottle will make many bottles of spay for you.

The Thieves mouthwash is also very concentrated and can be split into two. I put half into another bottle and then fill both those bottles the rest of the way up with water.

In addition to all the products you get in your starter kit, I will be sending you a lip balm of your choosing,  a bottle of Thieves spray made with the Thieves household cleaner and Thieves essential oil blend that you can keep or share with someone else and a guide to help you learn and use your new oils. You will also be added to the Keep Calm and Essential on Facebook group. Make sure you use the links above so that my member number goes in when you order so I know to send you your free gifts.

Thank you for visiting to learn about essential oils today.



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