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4 Easy Personal Care changes to be Eco-Friendly

Easy Personal Care changes to be Eco-Friendly Is there a way to make easy personal care changes to be eco-friendly? Yes. Here are four easy changes you can make to get started. 1. Period Products Cloth Menstrual Pad/Cups/Period Underwear You may be wondering why I should switch from my disposable menstrual pads and tampons to […]

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Menstrual Cup Basics- How to choose a cup

Reusable Menstrual Cups What is it and why should I use it? A reusable menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicon. There are many benefits to using a reusable menstrual cup instead of tampons or pads. Can be reused for 5-10 years with proper care. 2. Money saving option 3. Non toxic 4. More […]

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