Tasty Turmeric Tea and Benefits

Tasty Turmeric Tea and Benefits

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Tasty Turmeric Tea


Not only is turmeric good for us but it is easy to make a quick but tasty turmeric tea. Let’s see how and why below.

What is turmeric?

A root that belongs to the ginger family with a peppery flavor

The benefits:

Contains iron, fiber, B6, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium

Helps the body to digest fats, reduces gas and bloating , coughing and congestion, eczema and psoriasis treatment.

It is a natural anti inflammatory,relieves joint pain, and reduces joint swelling.

Lowers cholesterol, relieves indigestion, clenses liver, prevents Alzheimer’s and may inhibit cancer cell growth.

Anti depressant

Pain reliever


How to make turmeric tea

Recipe one:

Boil water

Mix in 1ts to 1 TB depending on how much tea you are making

Strain tea

Mix in honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and coconut oil in blender

Drink hot or let cool and add ice

Recipe two:

After mixing boiling water and turmeric together, stain.

Add in honey, black pepper and lemon slices.

Drink hot or cold.


Other ways to use turmeric:

As teeth whitening

Treat Acne

Treat sprains

Treating him disease

When not to take turmeric:

Pregnant or breast feeding

If you have gallbladder problems, gerd, bleeding problems, surgery coming up.

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