Unique Heatless Curling Ideas

Unique Heatless Curling Ideas

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I have tried all of these unique heatless curling ideas and they all worked on my thick straight hair.

Use what you have

Whether you are trying to use less heat on your hair, never use heat on your hair or are trying to save money there are plenty of ways and items that can be used in your home to make beautiful curls.

Look around, get creative and start curling!


Paper Products

Use paper towels, brown paper bags, newspaper or magazine paper to curl your hair.


Take your choice of paper product and fold it to form a triangle and then roll it to form a long curler. Take about 1 inch sections, spray with some water and then roll your hair up on the paper curler. Either tie the paper towel in a knot to hold the curler in place or use a hair tie to keep the hair from unraveling. Sleep on rolled up hair and take out in the morning.

Dollar store items

Baby wipes, straws or anything else that hair can be wrapped around can be used to curl your hair.

Baby wipes are used the same way as you would use a paper towel, wrapping hair around and rolling it up and then trying the baby wipe in a knot. Sleep in it and take out in the morning.

Straws can be used in a few different ways.

1. Roll hair up as if on a normal curler and tie off with an elastic

2. Holding the straw parallel to your hair wrap hair around starting at the top and going down to the ends, tie off with an elastic

3. Fold the straw in half and zig zag your hair in a figure eight shape around the strap and then tie off with an elastic

Old Clothes

Old stockings, t-shirts, jeans or socks can all be used as curlers.

Old or ripped stockings, t-shirts or jeans can be cut up to use as curlers.

Socks can be used to wrap hair around and then tied off in a knot to hold in place or a sock can be used to make a sock bun on top of the head and sleep in.

Some tips and tricks

What ever you find to use to curl your hair, be creative, think outside the box and try something unexpected.

Tips to remember:

1. If you will be sleeping with your homemade curlers in make sure they are soft

2. Make sure the curlers are secure since you will be sleeping in them

3. If you toss and turn a lot you might want to put a bandana over the curls to keep them from getting undone or too messy

4. Don’t get discouraged fi your fist try or even your second does not turn out. Every one has different hair types and different methods work different on different hair.

5. Make sure hair is not too wet but not completely dry either.

6. Have fun!

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