4 Easy Personal Care changes to be Eco-Friendly

Easy Personal Care changes to be Eco-Friendly

Is there a way to make easy personal care changes to be eco-friendly? Yes. Here are four easy changes you can make to get started.

1. Period Products

Cloth Menstrual Pad/Cups/Period Underwear

You may be wondering why I should switch from my disposable menstrual pads and tampons to something different.

According to this article those items are filled with chemicals https://www.huffpost.com/entry/plastic-free-tampons-pads_n_5c0e88a6e4b06484c9fce988 

They contain nonbiodegrable and potentially toxic plastic and synthetic materials. The chemical Diuron and Dioxin have been linked to suppression of the immune system , along with reproductive problems and cancer.

So what other options are there then?

  1. Reusable Cloth Pads
  2. Reusable menstrual Cups
  3. Period Underwear

Reusable Cloth Pads

To read all about menstrual pads click http://www.theclassybrokegirls.com/reusable-cloth-menstrual-pads/

Not only are they better for you and the environment but they come in fun designs. I personally love the fun designs of my cloth pads.

I have ones with owls, vintage RVs and a Doctor Who one all from Pink Lemonade Shop. There is a link below. I have ordered most of my cloth pads from this company. They are good quality, lasting years, and the designs are awesome.

Pink Lemonade Shop- http://pinklemonadeshop.3dcartstores.com/

Of course you can order cloth pads on Amazon and I’ll link some from there also.

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

I have been using cloth menstrual pads for over 5 years and would not go back to regular disposable pads ever.

Reusable menstrual Cups

To Read all about menstrual cups click http://www.theclassybrokegirls.com/reusable-menstrual-cups-or-disposable/

I have never liked tampons. They never seems to be comfortable and they always leaked. Switching to menstrual cups was a huge game changer though. There is a learning curve but it was completely worth it for me. Now instead of bringing a pack of pads and a box of tampons when I go on vacation I just brink one menstrual cup and a few cloth pads.

To read all about my first experience using a menstrual cup click http://www.theclassybrokegirls.com/eco-classy-period/

Period Underwear

Period underwear look like regular underwear but has a lining sewn into it that acts as a pad. For me these do not replace using pads or a cup but I use them in addition to those items. I will wear the period underwear with my cup in, just in case there is any leaking. I will also use a cloth pad with period underwear overnight since it has more protection and is less likely to leak through the material like regular underwear will.

Period underwear is normally light to medium absorbency so it will be good for those with lighter periods or on lighter days or for spotting.

There are a few different companies that sell period underwear.

Probably the most well know brand is Thinx. I do have one pair from them and I do really like it. My only concern with this brand is that in recent months a report came out that this brand’s underwear does contain some toxic chemicals. If this does not concern you and you just want to get started with period underwear or not using disposable items then here is a link to their website.


Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Other Options on Amazon

2. Bathroom Basics

What in your bathroom can be improved to be more eco-friendly and make your bathroom experience better? I have three suggestions.


Bidets are not a common item in American households but they are popular in other countries. I really wanted one and finally convinced my husband to get one for our 4th anniversary. He thought a bidet was ridiculous and was sure that he would not be using it. Well I convinced him to buy the Tushy Spa attachment. He installed it and was the first to test it out. To both of our surprise, he liked it. Now he tells other people how great having a bidet is.

There are a few things we love about have a bidet attachment. We love that the Tushy Spa is attached to the hot water line so can have warm water when we use it. It was also easy to install and has a few different color options when you order from https://hellotushy.com/

The Tushy Spa and most other bidet attachments are self cleaning and have a feminine wash setting. I use the feminine wash setting on a regular basis and have found it great for that time of the month. Now when I at work or somewhere with out my bidet I miss it. I actually hate when I have to use toilet paper now.

Here is another bidet attachment option


Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty is also a favorite item in our house. If you haven’t seen the ad for it, look it up on Youtube, its hilarous. But for real it makes going some much easier. Our upstairs neighbor think it’s weird we have our Squatty Potty and our bidet but we couldn’t imagine not having these items. We like to embrace what other people think is weird. But it is interesting how what is considered normal or mainstream is now weird to me and I can’t believe that I once thought that using toxic disposable pads, tampons and using paper towels and toilet paper was normal and the only option. So why do we use the Squatty Potty?

Simply- It makes going easier.

Did you know that we should be squatting when we go number 2. Yes, it makes it easier to go. In other countries squatting to go is normal. Before we met, my husband went to Turkey and when he was there, he found that most of the bathrooms had a hole that you squatted over. After coming home he decided that a form of squatting was the way to go. He bought the Squatty Potty. I had read about the Squatty Potty and the benefits and had considered buying one but never did. So when we got married and he had one it was an easy adjustment for me and I was excited to use it.

The Squatty Potty is a simple plastic or bamboo stool that fits around your toilet and puts your body a better/optimal position to go with ease.

Check out their official website to learn more https://www.squattypotty.com/

Of course it is also available on Amazon

Cloth or Bamboo Toilet Paper

We like to use cloth toilet paper. Which for us is basically wash clothes that I cut in half to make two long halves per wash cloth. After using the bidet I use my cloth “toilet paper” to dry off.

In addition to the option of cloth toilet paper there is bamboo toilet paper and bamboo cloth.

Both of these items can be found at https://hellotushy.com/


3. Makeup

Makeup Remover Pads

Instead of using disposable wipes, baby wipes, cotton pads or toilet paper you can you a wash cloth. It is so simple but for some reason we have gotten into the habit and thinking that disposable items are better. Use it once and throw it out. But there is nothing wrong about using a good old fashioned wash cloth to wash your face and makeup off.

Another option is to make your own makeup remover pads and soak them in coconut oil or use with your favorite makeup remover cleaner.

Here is a link to how to DIY this https://pin.it/6Yk1K42

4. Deodorant

Natural deodorant is becoming more and more popular. There are a lot of natural brands available now. I have tried four different brands and discuss my thoughts here http://www.theclassybrokegirls.com/natural-deodorant-native-lume-schmidts-and-edens-garden/

I like natural deodorant because I feel that it is better for me. It is not an antiperspirant and normally has fewer ingredients and is less toxic. You can even make your own with a few simple ingredients but I prefer to buy a good brand. My favorite so far is from Native, but Lume is growing on me also.

I hope you found these 4 Easy Personal Care changes to be Eco-Friendly ideas helpful.

Looking to also make over your household products to be more eco-friendly and less toxic click here http://www.theclassybrokegirls.com/7-zero-waste-household-swaps-to-make-today/



4 Natural Deodorant to try and why you should make the change

Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

A substance that is applied to mask or hide body odor due to bacteria breaking down.

Antiperspirants stop sweating by blocking the sweat glands. These normally contain aluminum, which blocks the sweat glands, therefore reducing sweating.

Deodorant on the other hand still allows for sweating but reduces the colonization of bacteria or masks the smell. Sweating is a normal human process.

Human perspiration is normally odorless, but bacteria colonizes in this warm area and causes body odor.

What is the difference with Natural Deodorant?

Natural Deodorants are not antiperspirants. They do not block the sweat glands. They do not contain aluminum.

The common ingredients in natural deodorants are baking soda or arrow root to absorb sweat, coconut oil which is microbial and essential oils. There may be some other ingredients also depending on the brand.  It is possible to make your own deodorant at home with these ingredients but I have found the consistency to be more user friendly with the ones that are available to buy from the various natural deodorant companies out there.

Baking Soda- Does it Matter?

Yes. If you have a reaction or sensitive skin

No. If you don’t have sensitive skin

Maybe. All brands are different and one might have an ingredient in it, baking soda or not, that you have a reaction to.

Some people have a sensitivity to baking soda which is a common ingredient in natural deodorants. If you try a natural deodorant and have a reaction look to see if baking soda is one of the ingredients. There are now many companies that make their products or have a sensitive line that does not use baking soda.

I personally do not have a reaction to baking soda but there is an ingredient in at least 2 brands that I do have a reaction to which I will discuss below. I can use natural deodorants with baking soda normally with no problem.


Detoxing Pits before switching to a natural deodorant?

Some people and some of the natual deodorant websites claim that you need to detox your arm pits before switching to a natural deodorant. This is said to help the results of the switch from traditional deodorant and antiperspirant to natural go more smoothly.

I personally did not do a detox before attempting my first brand of natural deodorant about 6 years ago. I can not remember if there was a transition phase or not. But for those who would like to get the best possible chance at liking a natural deodorant there are a few  simple things you can do.

The first is to make a mixture of bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and water to make a mask that is applied to your arm pits until dry.

A second method is to exfoliate your armpits once a week. This can be done with a homemade body scrub made with oat flour and water. Moisturize with unscented oil like coconut oil.

Third is to just let your body detox naturally which it will do over time with sweating. There might be a transition period that could last from 2-4 weeks. Your odor may increase over the first 1-2 weeks before it starts to decrease. This is especially true if switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. There will be an increase in odor causing bacteria in week 2 and an increase in sweating since the aluminum is working it’s way out. But remember sweating is normal and okay. This detox period will probably be less for those that are only switching from regular deodorant to natural deodorant. Week 3 will bring less odor causing bacteria and less sweating.

Five brands I have tried:

Tom’s of Maine

This was the first brand I tried in the more natural line of deodorants. For a little while I liked it. It smelled good and seemed to work. About a month or so into using it I experienced a severe reaction. I broke out in a painful rash and every time I put the deodorant on I started sweating more. It was terrible.

There is now a prebiotic line that I have not tried that I will link below if anyone is interested in giving it a try.

Disclosure “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links below”


Buy at local stores


Smells good



Bad reaction


I learned about this brand from sister.  I have now been using this brand for almost 4 years. It feels just like any regular deodorant from the store and smells great. It works very well and I have not had any bad reactions using it.

There are 5 permanent scents- coconut and vanilla, lavender and rose, cucumber and mint, unscented and charcoal

My all time favorite is the coconut and vanilla with second place going to cucumber and mint.

They also have 3-4 seasonal scents every season. I like to order these occasionally when one of them peaks my interest.

Price: $12 for a one time purchase, $10 with a subscription ( I have mine set a t every 4 months since I like to order the seasonal ones also), $20 classic or seasonal box set of three or $24 for 5 different scents of mini/travel size.

I keep coming back to Native because it feels just like traditional deodorant, doesn’t make my skin react badly and I love the scents. Of course not every scent is wonderful. Some of the seasonal scents have not been my favorite but the classic scents I always fall back on have been wonderful.

There is also sensitive line that does not include baking soda in the ingredients. I haven’t found that baking soda bothers me though.

Other Products:

Body Wash, Bar Soap and Toothpaste


Feels like traditional deodorant

Good scents

Sensitive line

Can set up a monthly or every 2 or 3 or 4 month subscription by visiting https://www.nativecos.com/products/coconut-vanilla-deo-womens



Online purchase only


Eden’s Garden

This line is from one of my favorite essential oil companies. They have expanded their products and now have natural deodorant. I was excited about trying these out but unfortunately they were not as good as I had hoped. The scents were fine, I tried two different scents but neither was great. I also was not a fan of the texture of the actual product. Unlike Native that feels just like using a Dove solid from Walmart, the Eden’s Garden deodorants are completely different. They are still a solid deodorant but in order to apply the product you need to warm it up under your arm pit for a few seconds before applying it.

The product performed fine and I didn’t have any bad reactions to the product. My only issue with this product is the feel of the product and I didn’t love the scents.

There are now 12 different scents which is an increase since I tried the product. One of the new scents is Fighting Five which is Eden’s Garden’s version of Young Livings Thieves blend. This is actually very exciting since this blend is an immune booster. I have not tried it but would be very interested to see how it is as a deodorant.

Other products to buy from this company is essential oils, diffusers, bar soap, body oil, candles, room spray and perfume.


If you order through Eden’s Garden use referral code http://rwrd.io/m30tjux and set up Aroma notes to earn points to use toward products.


No baking soda

Essential oils

Solid deodorant



Needs to be warmed up before applying

Scents were not remarkable


This line is available in many stores such as Walmart. I was excited to try this brand because of the price point, that it is available in stores and comes in various scents. Unfortunately I had the same reaction to this deodorant that I did to the Tom’s of Maine. At first it seemed to work just fine but after a few weeks my under arms were freaking out and I had to stop using it.

Schmidt’s recently added a hemp oil line of deodorants that I have not tried. It has a higher price point than the regular Schmidt’s at about $13


Available in stores

Various Scents

Good price point

Applies like regular deodorant



I had a bad reaction to this product


Lume was created by a gynecologist and claims that it can be used on both your pits and your privates. It also claims to work for 72 hours. It comes in 4 scents and unscented. I tried the Jasmine Rose. It was a nice light scent. I don’t feel that it lasted 72 hours though. I used this during winter and then on a cruise. It was never super hot and I feel it did a fine job at staying not stinky but defiantly not for 72 hours. The company says that you need to detox your armpit and clothes before using and that over the first week of use you will have to use more product that then can be reduced after using the product for awhile.

I liked the scent of this product and had no bad reactions to it but I do not feel it performed for the 72 hours the company claims. The application is also not like a regular solid deodorant. It is more of a mix between a gel and a cream type of consistency. You turn the knob to get the product to come up and then apply to your skin, but then you need to rub it in. This was a bit different for me but not that bad of a change or a reason not to use this product.

Lume comes in a deodorant stick dispenser or in a tube. Either way the product is the same. I bought the deodorant stick but I feel that the tube packing might be better for me since I plan on using as a anti chafing product between my thighs. I did this on our cruise when we walked in the morning and found there to be less chafing than normal.

I think this is a unique product and it is great that it has more than one use.

They also sell soap and deodorant wipes.



Nice scent


Cruelty Free

Aluminum free

Baking soda free

Can be used on other parts of the body

Tube or stick packaging



Didn’t last 72 hours

Sticky consistency


Other Brands I have not tried yet

Meow Meow Tweet


Hippy Pits

Comment below if you have tried any of these brands and what you thought.





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